Max Rebo

I know the subject matter of this print is a bit out of place but I created this print for a Star Wars tribute show called "May the Fourth Be With You" and I would like to find a loving home for my "blue friends". The character's name was Max Rebo and he was a member of a 12-person band that played at Jabba the Hutt's palace on the planet Tattooine. Visit my blog Nessy Designs for further details about the process and more images.

ONE version of Max Rebo
is available for purchase.

Max Rebo Linocut - Watercolor

Max Rebo linocut -

This linocut was printed using oil-based ink on cotton paper.  The color was hand-painted with watercolor.  Each print is one-of-a-kind.

Quantity: 4
Paper:11'' x 11''
Max Rebo and keyboard: 7.5'' x 7.5''

Price: $100

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