Acorn Caps

If you visit my house you will always find an assortment of seeds and pods sitting under my computer screen. I usually pick them up on my walks and they end up residing there for years until they fall apart. This linocut was inspired by a most impressive pair of acorn caps from my collection. I love the contrast between the exterior texture of wavy arms and the smooth black void of the inner shell. Visit my blog Nessy Designs (Part 1 and Part 2) for further details about the process and more images.


The video below shows me inking the plate for the first time. It is always exciting to see the print appearing under the brayer.

the acorn caps linocut
is available for purchase.

acorn caps Linocut

Acorn Caps linocut -

This linocut was printed using oil-based ink on cotton paper.  This is a first edition print.

Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 50'' W x 38'' H
Price: $850

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