Chinese Lantern

In the spring I was weeding in the backyard and came across these beautiful, dried chinese lantern pods. The winter weathered the pods until there was only a skeleton remaining, but one or two still had a bright orange seed inside. I loved the contrast between the desiccated, delicate veins of the "balloon" and the vibrant, lively-hued seed. Each print was hand-burnished and printed using oil-based ink on cotton paper. Visit my blog, Nessy Designs,for further details about the process and more images.


This video shows the carving process.

The video below shows me burnishing and pulling a print.

Two versions of the Chinese Lantern
are available for purchase.

Chinese Lantern - White Background

Chinese Lantern linocut-

In this version, three colors were printed using oil-based ink (black, gold, and orange). The background is white.  This is a limited edition print.

Quantity: 8*
Dimensions: 25'' W x 33''H
Price: $600

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Chinese Lantern - Hand-Tinted

Chinese Lantern linocut-

This version of the print is the same as the print above with the addition of a hand-painted watercolor background. Each print is one-of-a-kind.

Quantity: 2*
Dimensions: 25''W x 33''H
Price: $750

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* The "White Background" and "Hand-Tinted" Chinese Lantern prints are part of a variable edition of 10.  Thus the number of "White Background" prints depends on the demand for "Hand-Tinted" prints.

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